Monday, May 10

The Impersonal Irresponsibility of Wingnutia

Reposting an update from yesterday, wherein I recounted a lenghty twitter-sation I had with a self professed Conservative-Independant as she put me, and all Libs, in my place.

@Conservativeind @Vyan1 Obviously you don't believe in personal responsibility. That's the problem w/ libs. They blame EVERYONE else for their own mess.

@Conservativeind @Vyan1 Nothing was hidden. Ppl were stupid. It's not my fault and I shouldn't have to PAY for their stupidity.

This is a bit of an over-the-shoulder after-the-fact "Oh, Yeah?" - which came to me while out of house and away from the keyboard - but I think for me, and all Libs, it's worth repeating. Loudly. Again and Again... and Again.

1) If some "Stupid People" had bothered to read the report that Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside the U.S. about 4,000 People wouldn't have had to pay for it.

2) If some "Stupid People" had bothered to pay attention when Bin Laden was Trapped in Tora Bora, Thousands of our soldiers and $Trillions spent hunting for him with Drones in Wazirastan wouldn't have been paid for in Blood and Treasure.

3) If some of those same "Stupid People" had bothered to read the entire Iraq NIE that said that the Niger-Yellowcake Documents were Forgeries, the Energy and State Dept determined that the Aluminum Tubes were wrong type for centrifuges or the report from former Iraq Security Chief Habbush that Saddam Had Destroyed All his WMD Stockpiles way back in 1991 thousands more U.S. Troops an another $Trillion More U.S. Dollars wouldn't have been spent to pay for nothing.

4) If some of those same "Stupid People" had bothered to listen when Scientists at NOAA said The Levies Might be Over-topped, had bothered to review FEMA's Hurricane Pam Simulation or listen to the one member of FEMA who was acually inside New Orleans after Katrina who said "The Situation is Past Critical" even more Blood and Treasure wouldn't have been paid in Lousiana.

5) If some other "Stupid People" didn't keep pushing the completely Psychotic Idea that President Obama Doens't Have a Valid Birth Certificate - it's possible a Security Guard at the Holocaust Museum wouldn't have had to pay for it with his life.

6) If some "Stupid People" like Bernard Goldberg on Fox News didn't keep claiming that Liberals are Destroying the Country five Unitarian Church goers in Knoxville Tennessee wouldn't have paid a tragic price for it.

7) If some "Stupid People" had paid attention when Massey Mining turned their ventilation system fans the wrong way trapping methane gas inside the mine instead of venting out it - 29 miners and their families wouldn't have had to pay for it.

8) If some "Stupid People" hadn't insisted than an Acoustic Switch wasn't really a critical requirement for a 5000 ft drilling platform, tons of wildlife and Fisherman in the Gulf might not be paying for it right now.

Pardon me if I think we should just drop the euphemisms and just call all these "Stupid People" what they really are - Conservatives.

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