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Anthony Weiner Takes on the Fox Liar Brigade

Rep Anthony Weiner the Congressman from Brooklyn taking on the Fox & Fools in their own Liar Hole.

It's one thing to lob bombs at them as Special Comments from a distance, it's another to get right in their face.

And the lies came fast and furious:

First the Foxers claim:

"When you put the Government Option in people are going to emigrate to that, it's cheaper and the quality isn't as good but people are going to want it..."

Fact: Under both the House and Senate Bills the Health Care Exchange would provide better quality insurance, with life-time out of pocket caps and where pre-existing conditions & unreasonable care rescissions are banned. For the most part the CBO reported that the cost difference would be Negligible for people who currently get their health care through small or large businesses.

Weiner Answered this with:

Don't we want people to have a choice? If they don't think they're getting quality, they don't want government control, they won't choose it.


Then they claim businesses are likely to drop coverage:

What if I'm an employer, which is wear most people get their insurance - and I'm looking at the bottom line and I say I'll go to the Public Option because it's cheaper.

Weiner: That's prohibited under the plan. For the first 5 years.

All Net Three-pointer from the Wing to Weiner. That's right, Employers can't just dump coverage for cost reasons and force their workers to buy healthcare on the private market or rely on the government sysem - y'know, the way that Walmart Already Does.

Again CBO stated that 83% of the public who currently get their health insurance through their employer, will not see any significant changes in either price or quality.

Fox: But what about after those 5 years are up?

Wiener: Then those businesses will have to pay a sanction for dropping coverage.

Gretchen Foxer: After those 5 years those private offerings are going to go Bye-Bye!

Weiner: Well, why? Why are their costs higher? Let me answer that for you, because right now Insurance companies are working with about a 30% overhead and profits. Right now we're giving money to our insurance companies and we're saying give it to our doctors and their taking a piece of the action on every transaction. So why are we paying share-holders instead of people who work for us?

Tomahawk DUNK to Wiener. It's simple: if private industry can't compete on price and quality - they Deserve to go "Bye-Bye".

Foxer: Right now healthcare takes up 16% of the economy, do you really want the government controlling 20% of the economy if we bring these 22 Million additional people one

Typical Foxer looking at his own pocket and not at the fact that 20-30 Million People who don't have care - will be able to GET IT. Money? Yay! Saving Lives? Boo! Besides, with rate hikes like the kind we're getting from Wellpoint of 39% in a single year, healthcare is going to become 20%-25% of the economy if we do nothing.

Weiner: Right now 40% of all of our tax dollars are going to a Federal Funded Health Care program, Medicaid, Medicare, DOD (Tricare) and the VA. If you don't like those programs go tell Senior Citizens, go tell Michael Steele "Government funded Healthcare is so wrong". The only question here is who we're giving the money to.

The current best rated and best ranked Healthcare system in the Country isn't Cigna or Pacific Care or Wellpoint - it's TRICARE the Government Funded and Government RUN Healthcare for our soldiers and Military.

Foxer: I have bad news for you, they have done the math (On Medicare), it's going to run out.

Weiner: I agree with you, but Republicans have stood up against removing waste from Medicare.

Foxer: Well, we're not (nice of you to admit what side you're on) against removing waste, we're not "Pro-Waste".

Weiner: Republicans have put out a statement saying "Don't change anything in Medicare, including removing waste and abuse". So how are you going to control costs? You're going to have to do some things about waste.

On the money, the Republican plan is to do nothing - or worse yet when they do have a good idea, like removing waste, they turn against their own idea simply to score political points and demagogue democrats. Like Senator Bunning who was totally for spending money we don't have and against PAY GO - until last week when he all of a sudden he wasn't anymore. Putting thousands of people out of work in the middle of a recession wasn't about principle or deficit reduction - Bunning was just being An ASSHOLE, because he could.

Just think about all the Assholes you've ever known - chances are - they're Republicans.

Gretchen Foxer: Here's a problem, there's a thing called "History" and people have watched how their money has been spent by this government.

You mean like how we spent $Billions on Halliburton, KBR, Triple Canopy and Blackwater? How we spent nearly a $Trillion on the Iraq War and Tax Cuts for people who'd rather spend their money betting against American Businesses in the Stock Market than buy American Goods or providing American Jobs? Is that the kind of "Historical wasteful spending" you ment?

Nope, apparently not.
Gretchen: People are like "Holy Cow, If the government can't run Cash for Clunkers how can it run Healthcare?"

Golly Gee Willickers Pa! Pretend No-Nothing Valedictorian-Hick Dip Wad Shill Spokes Model says Wha?

Cash for Clunkers was a unmitigated success, and All of it has been PAID! Cash for clunkers has it's own Post-Mortem Site

Positive Responses: 73
Negative Responses : 103

Ashleigh says:
November 23, 2009 at 6:33 pm

i think you should do another cash for clunkers deal!!! i missed the date barley. i would’ve owned my car a year on november 3, 2009!!!!

Alessandra says:
October 10, 2009 at 12:42 am

I have an old old Honda that is hanging on by a string which means I’m driving around in an unsafe car. I was told I would not qualify because the gas milage is too good. I think it is a travesty to punish the people who have been doing what they can to keep things clean and reward those who have been polluting the environment and not really giving a damn about it. Something is just not right with how this was handle

Most of the people complaining, were annoyed that they couldn't use the program because it was limited, not that it wasn't run well or "didn't work".

Weiner: You ask people who are on Medicare whether THEY like it or not.

Foxer: It's losing money.

Weiner: Ask the people on it. Medicare Works.

Douche Foxer: Most people like it, but the fact is that doctors in hospitals aren't able to continue to exist under the rates that Medicare pays.

Weiner: So is your problem that Medicare pays too little or pays too much?

One of the changes in the Bills, and most recently in the modifications offered by the President in agreement with a "Republican Idea" - is an increase in Medicare Rates paid to doctors.

Toward the end of the clip Weiner goes on to shut down their talking points on both "Buying Across State Lines" and "Tort Reform" (two Republican ideas that don't work, but are in the Bill anyway and Republicans STILL won't support it) - and this appearance was from last August during the Height of the Tea Parties.

More recently Weiner has Called FOX out for their Orchestrated Lies.

Weiner: On programs like this there's been an enormous amount of disinformation about the Bill.

Foxer: According to you. That's what you think.

Weiner: Look, I think there's been orchestrated effort in a lot of quarters to Lie about the Bill.

Yes, they've been lying about the bill - and they're going to keep lying - I promise.

Lying is the Republican Party Template, it's their Mantra, it's the one thing THEY DO WELL - it's their THEME SONG. All you need to understand about the Tea Parties and Fox News was documented/predicted by Henry Rollins:

This is who they are, never forget it.


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