Thursday, February 4

Fox Denies GOP Crazies they Created

O'Reilly: Did you know most Republicans are Stupid or Evil?

Yes, actually I did know that. All you have to do is pay attention to know that. But Bill doesn't.

So apparently Bill O'Reilly and Karl Rove object to the Dkos/Research 2000 Poll which indicated that about 30% of the Republican Party think that Obama is a Socialist, Terrorist Sympathesizer who wasn't even born in America and should be Impeached. After heaping a ton of attacks on DKOS - ("they use foul language", "they're loons") - Billo then tries to get Rove to estimate how many on the Right really are as crazy as to believe half the shit Fox News has told them - "What is it 15%? 20%?"

So they *ARE* Crazy, it's just not as many of them as the DKOS Poll says, but don't do your own poll or anything just have Rove spit-ball it why don't cha?

But seriously, after 24/7 Coverage Like this what would you believe?

FOX News: "What else do we not know about Barack Obama?"

88% of Fox Viewers vote Republican, and the vast majority don't watch Any other news outlets because of their so-called "Liberal Bias" - which is to say they don't regularly put out GOP-Based Lies and Spin.

Like these:

Is it any wonder that you get thousands of people who are like this?

P.S. You say we're fouled mouthed Bill? - "FUCK YOU!"


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