Wednesday, November 25

Yanking the Mistake Chain: Fox institutes Zero Tolerance Policy for On-Screen Errors

This just in from Fox (Opinion Channel/Guessworks Inc/GOP TV) News... via Thinkprogress

Last Thursday, Fox News issued an on-air apology after ThinkProgress reported that the network had recycled old file footage of Sarah Palin rallies to assert that she is currently getting huge turnouts on her book tour.


Now, FishbowlDC reports that Fox’s management has issued a memo declaring that “Effective immediately, there is zero tolerance for on-screen errors”:

So I guess that means that the next time someone at Fox claims, for example, that the President was educated at a Madrossa - there will be HELL TO PAY?!

Somehow I think not.

Looks like this bit from Jon Stewart actually got under Fox Thin Skin even deeper than we realized.

The actual release from Fox has to be read to be believed...

Effective immediately, there is zero tolerance for on-screen errors. Mistakes by any member of the show team that end up on air may result in immediate disciplinary action against those who played significant roles in the “mistake chain,” and those who supervise them. That may include warning letters to personnel files, suspensions, and other possible actions up to and including termination, and this will all obviously play a role in performance reviews. So we now face a great opportunity to review and improve on our workflow and quality control efforts. To make the most of that opportunity, effective immediately, Newsroom is going to “zero base” our newscast production. That means we will start by going to air with only the most essential, basic, and manageable elements. To share a key quote from today’s meeting: “It is more important to get it right, than it is to get it on.” We may then build up again slowly as deadlines and workloads allow so that we can be sure we can quality check everything before it makes air, and we never having to explain, retract, qualify or apologize again. Please know that jobs are on the line here. I can not stress that enough.

So I guess the next time something like the following Epic Mistake Chain occurs we can expect Heads to Roll right?

Yep, bet on it.

Like when Mark Sanford (The Run-Away Governor) was identified as a Democrat on Fox News?

Or when Fox Claimed that a Joe Biden quote from six month earlier about "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" ...

...was brand new?

How about the Terrorist Fist Jab?

Or when a Fox Host Insulted Canada as "Capri Pants wearing" wussies?

Or when Fox Commenter Liz Trotta Joked about Killing Obama?

Or when a Fox News "Reporter" claimed Obama busy watching an HBO documentary about himself instead of the Election Results this November?

Ok, now that Fox Management has decided to "Put Their Foot Down" we can expect that they won't be yanking the mistake chain again anytime soon...

Yeah, Riiiiight!!.

Y'know just because Some people Say that Fox News is filled with a pack of Deluded Neo-Con Fascist Anti-Democratic Douche Nozzles - doesn't mean it's a "Mistake" to wonder if that only applies to just 50% of their staff or 80%...

I Reportify, You Decide.


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