Monday, October 19

You Must See the Adventures of Power!

Last night I caught a screening of this Amazing, Funny, Pro-Union, Inspiring and Hilarious new Indie Film called Adventures of Power in Hollywood.

Part Norma Rae, Flashdance, Napolean Dynamite and Rocky this is the best film about NOT drumming you're likely to see - Ever.

I had a chance to participate in a Q&A with Writer/Director/Star Ari Gold at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters in Hollywood and when asked why he wanted to make a movie about Air Drumming he said - "Because I do it.. and it's funny."

At the time I didn't think to mention that the kind of Air Musician Event he envisions at the climax of his film actually exists and has been recorded in films such as the documentary Air Nation.

The Faux Musician Championship was even reported by Faux News. Somehow quite fitting.

So even though the basic premise of the film is completely made-up and seems far fetched - it actually isn't.

Laying beneath the basic idea of self-actualization and realizing your dream purely through having the will to believe the film also touches on many real issues as the father of the main character played by Spinal Tap veteran Michael McKean leads his fellow copper miners through a bitter strike against an oppressive greedy corporation. Eventually though even the bitter hyper-realist father realizes just how important it is to dream, as his own hopes and those of his son become joined in a powerful scene of strikers standing up to a bull-gang of corporate thugs sent to intimidate them into submission, instead of running they stand their ground defiantly Air Drumming to "In the Air Tonight" without sticks as they are viciously beaten with billy clubs.

Yes, we bloody well CAN! Yes we WILL!

The film is playing in very limited release, as Ari described the independent film business has been devastated in recent years and resources that used to be readily available are now long gone.

It's scheduled to be shown in Austin in the next week, then move on to Salt Lake City. After that there will be a limited engagement in Pheonix, Portland and New Mexico.

And just to whet your appetite here's a deleted scene featuring Ari as "Power" in an Air/Real Drum-off with Neal Peart of Rush (who does a brief cameo in the finished film).

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