Wednesday, October 7

Betsy McCaughey's massage PWNAGE by Ratigan and Weiner

Dylan Ratigan has been a recent addition to MSNBC's morning lineup, and has been seen doing an ad sport where he says "The job of the Media is to HOUND Money and Power until you get at the Truth.."

Now I know that he wasn't kidding or exaggering after I saw this clip of him taking on Former NY Lt. Governor and current Health Care Shill Betsy McCaughey the "Death Panel" Queen.

He starts over and over again, "What would you like to see (In Health Care Reform)?" - and she continually dodges the question.

Early on she suggests "High Risk Pools" as a method to address the currently uninsured - this would be low-premium high deductable insurance which would provide coverage that would be too expensive to actually use.

This does nothing to contain costs, it simply shifts those costs onto the backs of the sick.

Ratigan comes back again and asks "What are you going to do about this Corporate Communism" that is destroying our country right now?"

To which she says; "That's a Preposterous Statement!"

Preposterous after the failures of AIG & Lehman Brothers followed by a $Billion bailout? Uh, Massive FAIL!

She then goes on to try yet again scare the bejeezus out of Grandma with her Death Panel talk, talk about "Preposterous Statments".

McCaughey: These Bills are a Medical Assault on Seniors

Ratigan: I want to address that, but how do you answer the question that Insurance Companies have a anti-Trust Exemption?

McCaughey then plays the "Tort Reform" Card and both Ratigan and Wiener pounce.

Ratigan: As a percentage of the overall costs Tort Reform is a very small percent. Why would you start with Tort Reform when Insurance Companies have an anti-Trust exemption? How do you contain costs?

Weiner: CBO has asked what would happen if you eliminated 30% of all Tort Cases? The answer is .04%. 48 out of 50 states already have Tort Caps, and what happens is that the Insurance Companies take whatever "Savings" they get and put them in their pocket - it doesn't bring down costs. How do you contain the costs?

Again and again and again they ask how do you cut costs, and this time she answers - "Education, we can have people take better care of themselves with obesity as we have with smoking"

Ok. Right, we cut costs by making people work out more. I'm sure Bally's just saw their stock tick up slightly.

Then starts the whining -

McCaughey: You're not a very fair moderator.

Ratigan: You're not a very fair answerer - it takes one to know one.


McCaughey: This has to go down as one of the most brow-beating interviews in television history...

Ratigan: I Hope That it DOES! And maybe you’ll learn at that point then to answer questions as opposed to go on television and cast accusations.”

Then she start whining about those "State Laws" and says Anthony Weiner is "Ignorant about Health Care Issues" - to which Weiner then proves he absolutely IS NOT without losing a breath.

Ultimately she finally admits that her primary method for cutting costs --- is the increase the eligibility age for Medicare up from 65 to 70!

Ok, so while she railing that all these bills in Congress are going to hurt seniors her final answer is to TAKE HEALTH CARE AWAY FROM SENIORS, until they're 70 years old. Brilliant.

There's more but it's truly classic. Even better than John Stewart Take Down of McCaughey.


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