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Fox News Contributor Bernie Goldberg Calls Out Fox for Lying

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Yes, believe it or not - in this segment from last nights O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Consultant Bernie Goldberg actually calls out other Fox Shows/Hosts - although he doesn't name names - for spreading "False Information" and for "Cheerleading at Rallies and Tea Parties".

You think maybe John Moody forgot include an Goldberg's cc on his daily memo to Fox Contributors to Ixny on the Ruth-thay!?

The gist of this is pretty simple, Goldberg doesn't think it's appropriate for a News Organization to have people becoming part of the story and advocating for a particular side of an argument, because THAT's NOT JOURNALISM.

He's been on Fox all these years and he's just now noticing this?

He also points out that much of the advocacy coming from these programs is based on completely False Information. Kinda like this stuff.

(In the above section John Stewart Points out how ridiculous the ACORN ATROCITY has become and contrasts it with the latest "Obama is Indoctrinator our Kids like the Khmer Rouge" Kerffule - only to show that Bush Did It Too with a group of kids singing about Hurricane Katrina and FEMA)

Yeah, there's a whole lot of False Information Out there.

O'Reilly's counter argument is that many of these people are Commentators who are simply providing Editorials which advocate for a point in the same way that the Editorial Page of the New York Times or Los Angeles Times might. In doing so he ignores the large number of Conservatives from Jonah Goldberg to Bill Kristol who have worked on the Editorial Pages of those papers - and fails to point out ANY Legitimate or Credible Liberal Voices on Fox - ones that real Libersls actually respect unlike the Token Porch Pseudo-Liberals they currently sport like Juan Williams.

And No, I didn't say that because Juan is Black, I'm Black too - he, Colmes and Kirsten Powers are political tokens - red-headed step children ready for their daily beating - who're only on the station to give cover to Fox's overt and over-the-top bias.

But then again, Media Bias is apparently perfectly fine with O'Reilly Now - as long as is properly marked as such, y'know - like SPAM.

But that's the other thing that O'Reilly Fails on, which is the fact that in papers such as the NYT or LAT there is a clear bright line between the News Journalists and Reports and the Editorialists. Is there really that big a difference between Chris Wallace and Sean Hannity? I mean really? They've both done Presidential Interviews of Bush, Cheney and Clinton. In exactly what ways did the approach those interviews differently?

What's the big difference between Fox News Commentators and Republicans in Congress? Glenn Beck talks crazy about ACORN and the next thing you know the issue is on the floor of Congress.

The last thing though, before we start a I (Heart) Bernie Goldberg Fan Club is to realize that these guys are just as likely to completely renounced everything they've both said here in the next 24 Hours and to take their mutual sign-off in this segment "It Shouldn't Get Personal" with a couple Tanker Trucks of Sea Salt.

You have of course the incredibly rude treatment that O'Reilly gave Joan Walsh of Salon over her opposition to the Shooting of Dr. George Tiller.

Bernard Goldberg is the same person who wrote "100 People who are Screwing Up America" who were nearly all Liberals or Conservatives who weren't Conservative Enough! That book served as a direct inspiration for the Knoxville Tennessee Church Shooter.

"This was a symbolic killing. Who I wanted to kill was every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg's book. I'd like to kill everyone in the mainstream media. But I know those people were inaccessible to me.

One could argue that assigning blame to Goldberg for this would be like blaming Catcher in the Rye for the shooting of John Lennon or Jody Foster for the Shooting of President Reagan.

Except for this commentary from Goldberg when O'Reilly was criticized by papers such as the NYT in a way that they both currently claim is "Perfectly Acceptable" - Yeah, right.

Bernard Goldberg: If NY Times attacked me like it attacks O'Reilly, "I probably would have gotten a baseball bat and gone down to the New York Times with it and found the person that wrote the editorial, but that's me."

Yeah, so much for not getting "Personal" Bernie - I wonder if "Somebody Should Take Baseball Bat" to the Times for the things they've said, what do you really think should be done to those who've "Cheerled the Tea Partiers with False Information?" Would a Blow Torch be a little over the top - y'know considering we're now making these two things equivelent within the Fox Uni-mind?

Still all-in-all despite their past comments, this new perspective - if it lasts more than a nano-second - is an improvement. Maybe they've turned a corner, maybe not. Baby Steps.


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