Friday, May 1

Scheuer vs ACLU : Prosecute Clinton for Rendition

Approximately 8 mins into this discussion on the CIA use of Torture, former CIA Bin Laden Desk Chief Micheal Scheuer (Author of Imperial Hubris) argues that prosecuting Bush Officials for torture would "tear this country apart", and that if this is attempted - it should go even further into prosecutions against Bill Clinton for the Rendition Program that he setup which was run my Scheuer himself.

It's classic bait and switch, tar and feather the hated opposition for shoplifting a donut while hiding the stolen Queen Mary behind your back. "Look over there - A Bird!"

In the meantime he makes every possible wingnut argument, many of whom I thoroughly debunked last week when they were parroted by Liz Cheney. Scheuer's a smart guy, and clearly the world's leading expert on Bin Laden, but he's also a raging Clinton-Hater and budding Barack-No-Phobe, so his comments on either of them have to be taken with a Back-Hoe of Salt.


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