Friday, December 5

If this is "Safe", I wanna know what "Fucked, Beyond Belief" Is?

These days George Bush is looking forward to being an Ex-President. He's bought a new 2 Million Dollar home in Dallas, he's making the rounds in a series of "Exit Interviews" where he's managed to justify invading and attacking Iraq - even though they had nothing to do with 9/11, and didn't have WMD's and weren't going to share what they didn't have and weren't going to attack us - or anyone - and after more American have died in Iraq than did on 9/11, he still thinks he did he "right thing".

Ok, Sure, whatever.

His personal delusions don't bother so me much until it's obvious that they've been spreading to so many other people, particularly former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan who recently stated:

When Republicans say, in coming years, "At least Bush kept us safe," Democrats will not want tacked onto the end of that sentence, "unlike Obama."

The man's not even in office yet and already he's supposedly "failed the nation"... oy vey!

I'm keeping this short, because it's really simple.

Here's the problem - BUSH DIDN'T KEEP US SAFE.

When Bush came into Office he REVERSED the previous Clinton focus on counter-terrorism.
Rather than respond to the Urgent Request for a high-level meeting on Al Qaeda and Bin Laden from NSA Counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke - they ignored him for months while having meeting after meeting on Iraq.

When the August 6th PDB appeared stating clearly that Bin Laden would Attack America by Hijacking a set of planes, and that he had likely targeted New York and Washington - Bush IGNORED IT!

And finally when America WAS ATTACKED - he didn't do Jack SHIT!



Most indications from counter-terrorism experts has been that Bush's actions both before and after 9/11 has made us LESS SAFE, not more.

Bush doesn't deserve credit, he deserves nothing but scorn for his incompetent and ineptitude at the cost of thousands of American Lives and Trillions of Dollars.

"Good job", Bushie - and Good Riddance.

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