Saturday, September 13

McCain: Maverick or Liar?

Look, we don't all have to agree on everything, but can't we at least agree at least agree that facts are facts, and lies are LIES!?

I'm just saying...

The New York Times - McCain Barbs stir outcry as Distortions.

The Los Angeles Times - McCain wrong on Palin Earmarks

Seattle Times - McCain Lambasted for Inaccuracies

San Francisco Chronicle - McCain Palin Contradict each other on spending

New York Times - "Palin reviews are in and Gibson got an...

Dallas Morning News - Fact Check: McCain and Palin on Earmarks

FactCheck. org
- McCain Palin Distorts Our Finding
- McCain: Off Base on Sex Ed
- Palin:Energetically Wrong
- Obama Belittled Palin? Not Really

It's no longer just an "Opinion" - it's a Fact: McCain is a Serial Liar!

Lets spread some truth for once.

Take one and pass it on.


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