Friday, May 2

The Gas Tax Holiday is a nothing more than a Bribe!

Let's get real here people. We all know what this is, we all know what this is about.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain are trying to BUY YOUR VOTE for a measley $30.

A half a tank of gas.

Is that all they think it's worth? Really? A 5% drop in the gas tax for three months that consumers may actually see only half of, which will blow a giant hole in the infrastructure budget and likely put about 6000 people in Indiana and North Carolina out of work?

Are you kidding me. We don't need to take money away from our infratructure when we already have Bridges Falling Down>

How much difference is a few more pennies a day going to make when you don't have a job to get those pennies in the first place?

Obama on the Gas Tax Proposal.

Obama: This isn't an idea designed to get you through the summer, it's an idea design to get them elected in November.

This is just politics as usual, but the sad part is that this cheap parlor trick just might work with some of the voters in the upcoming primary.

Are Americans really this stupid?

Are they really going fall for it Again? Another cheap, easy, quick fix solution that won't work and is not what we need.

We need to do the right thing, we need to do the hard thing and actually implement a workable energy policy. We need to start talking about real bio-fuels, plug-in hybrids, full on electric vehicles, wind, solar and permanently ending our dependance on foreign oil.

For people who don't we can have viable electric vehicles, the Mythbusters on Discovery channel just broadcast an episode where they had an electric car drag race against a Ferrari and WIN. It also nearly beat an F1 race car.

It's also been shown News stations such as KRON4

This is the direction we need to go - this is Real Change. Yes, we Frakking Can!

Go see for yourself at

We need to be thinking not about $30 and a half a tank this summer, but what about next summer, and the summer after that - and the summer after that?

Wake up people.

McCain, Clinton and the Media think you're going to fall for it.



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