Sunday, April 6

Morgan Spurlock: A Real American Hero to the Rescue

n this midst of this weeks news that President Bush is so intent on "smoking him out of his holes" that he walked out of a recent NATO meeting about Afghanistan because - well, the meeting had gone on too long for him.

Bush is no fan of windy meetings and evidently had had his fill. He left behind Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to represent him for the rest of the session, which concerned NATO operations in Afghanistan, but his departure was so sudden and unexpected that he left some of his motorcade behind, inculding his press pool, when he got into his car and headed back to his hotel.

Who knows maybe it was past his bedtime, what with Jetlag in Romania and all..

So in this bleak time we have but ONE MAN to look toward to help save this nation from itself, and track down the most deadly butcherous mass murderer in all history.

Who is that lone solitary figure of Bruckheimer-ish virility and manhood?

Morgan Spurlock maker of "Super Size Me" and FX's "30 Days".

Let us not forget that on George Bush's Watch, the Taliban and Al Qeada have merged operations, and also that in Pakistan - where Bin Ladin is most rumoured to be - there is a non-aggresion treaty between that government - our supposedly ally - and the Taliban.

Does that mean that the ally of our ally is not our enemy it? Or does it?

In the spirit that this farcical "Search for Osama" has become, Spurlock now brings you : Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?

Coming this Fall.

I know some of you are probably waiting on baited breath for the new season of 24 where Jack Bauer (Sets Congress Straight about Torture - but I for one can't wait for this.


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