Wednesday, July 4

Olbermann: Bush, Cheney should Resign

Keith Olberman's Special Comment on the Libby Commutation. Bush and Cheney should resign.

I think Olbermann makes a great many statements here which for anyone who hasn't been specifically watching his show for the past year, or hasn't been following left-leaning blogs would seem on the surface quite outrageous.

President Bush lied us into a War? Oh, but didn't the Democrats who voted for it have the exact same intelligence he did?

No, they didn't.

I'm not sure that what he has said, like many of his previous Special Comments will be able to reach into the hearts of those who have allied themselves with this President and his party above the desperate needs of the American people who were devastated by Katrina, who have been devastated by the loss of loved ones (and/or thier limbs) in Iraq, and the loss of heathcare for 50 Million Americans.

The 23 Percenters will stand with Bush and Cheney until the bitter end, and buoyed the support of this ever increasingly slim yet increasingly rabid minority of boot lickers - Bush remains serene as he drives our ship of state directly into rocks of Dictatorship.

Bush and Cheney will not resign, they will only be stopped when Congress finally Nuts-Up and does their duty to Impeach and Remove them both.

Exactly when that will happen, if it ever does, remains to be seen.

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