Wednesday, June 13

New DOJ Emails link WH,Rove to Attorney Firings

Today the Justice Dept turned over another 46 pages of emails between the White House and DOJ concerning the Attorney firings which clearly show that there was a great deal of involvment specifically from members of Karl Rove's Office. Case in point - the recently resigned WH political affairs director Sara Taylor to Kyle Sampson on Tim Griffin.

"Tim was put in a horrible position; hung out to dry w/ no heads up," Taylor lashed out in the e-mail, which was sent from a Republican Party account rather than from her White House e-mail address. "This is not good for his long-term career."

Former Rove assistant Tim Griffin being installed as a U.S. Attorney in place of Bud Cummins who was apparently removed for no reason other than to create an opening for Griffin isn't the biggest thing he's going to have to worry about in his future career. I think the Voter Caging Thingy might just be a wee bit worse.

But note this, to Taylor although Cummins is the one who got fired and it's Griffin she's worried about?

As it has since turned out just two days after Taylor's resignation Tim Griffin resigned as U.S. Attorney for Arkansas - since, y'know his position was "impossible" and all (Boy, you can say that again) - and then he actually did have a bit of a problem with the subsequent job hunt, until he found a nice cushy political position with the Fred Thompson Campaign.

Which is real funny since Fred's not official running - yet.

Oh well, so much for gumming it to death.

And oh yeah, let's not forget that most of these email were not sent from Taylor's White House account, but were instead being transmitted through her RNC Blackberry in yet another example of attempts to by-pass the Presidential Records Act.

Let's just say that Sen Leahy is not amused.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said the documents "provide further evidence that White House officials like former political director Sara Taylor were deeply involved in the mass firings of well-performing prosecutors."

Ya think?

Naturally the White House's third string shill thinks this is much-ado-about nothing really since most of these emails are about the aftermath of the firings...

"I know this is becoming terribly frustrating for Democrats, but once again documents show no wrongdoing in the decision to replace U.S. attorneys," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto.

Well, gee Tony maybe that's because so far the White House has refused to release the emails from before the firings which just might or might not show there was "no wrongdoing" there either except for the fact that there were people in the White House are talking about Government Business through their RNC Blackberry, and the fact that all of these DOJ emails have been under subpeona for over a month and have just now suddenly shown up even though the RNC initially claimed that they LOST THEM.

So they finally decided to look under the couch cushions did they?

"No Wrongdoing here... move along now, move along."

Yeah, right.

And it's not like we've seen the deliberate effort by the White House to hide public information - from the public. Things like say Cheney requesting that the Secret Service scrub the White House Visitor Logs.

Maybe the entire Jeff Gannon/Guckert incident(s) had something to do with that, and then again, maybe not. It's not like the public has a right to know how many times a gay prostitute masquerading as a "journalist" has been doing the in/out at the White House front desk.

So far Rove's office has lost Griffin, Taylor and not long ago immediately after the revelations by David Kuo concerning that "f*cking faith based thing" and "the nuts" former Jack Abramof assistant Susan Ralston resigned from Rove's office. (You'll also remember Ralson was the second person following Monica Goodling to invoke the fifth amendment and seek immunity before Congress in the last few weeks)

That's not exactly a stellar track record their ol' Turd Blossom.

At this rate Witness Protection is going to have to create a special ex-Rove assistant division, meanwhile Karl is going to have to setup a Job Fair to replace all his fallen tin-soldiers.

On the DOJ side we've had Sampson, McNulty and Goodling all hit the bricks.

Bit by bit the details of this little cauldron of corruption are slowly being peeled back like an union and the casualties are mounting up.

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of proto-fascists.


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