Tuesday, May 29

We eat our own, don't we?

We eat our own here don't we?

This is why the right-wing thinks were a joke. But at the same time, it just might be why we're a perfect antidote to their knee-jerk lock-step dance of doom.

If the wake of the "great cave-in" of 2006 by Congressional Democrats Cindy Sheehan has now officially resigned as the "Face of the Antiwar Movement". BBC reporter Greg Palast has seen fit to blast back as Dkos having learned that it's "Hard out here for an Internet Pimp"

No shit, dude.

Hannity's gonna have a field day with this one.

Pardon me while I ramble a bit, but I have a point to make in here somewhere.

The other day I wrote about the sociopathology of conservatism, but it's not like Liberals are free of their own self-destructive pathologies is it?

We have a tendencies to be our own worst enemy. Republicans accuse us of being "cut and runners" and what do we do... Cut and RUN out on our principles. Jimmy Carter stands up and tells the truth, then immediate backs down and scampers away like a beaten little mouse.

Oh - "I didn't mean it". "I was mis-interpreted" "Taken out of context"

Oh, Bullshit.

I know it can be enough to make you pull your hair out even if don't have any hair.

Cindy Sheehan bitches out Congress for backing down against the President, then she backs down.

Oi vey.

Look, I don't blame Cindy for making this decision - she has to live her own life and frankly she's given far more of herself to help to protect the lives of so many other people's children than anyone should ever ask or expect. She deserves a chance to rotate back from the front lines of the War against the War.

It just looks so bad...

Hey guys, remember that We Won the Congress just few months ago? There's still hope that we can end this war, there still hope that we can undo at least some of the damage that George Bush has inflicted on this nation and the world.

Everything we hear about Gonzo-Gate just looks worse and worse. Trying to punk Attorney General Ashcroft into allowing an illegal wiretap program while he's hopped-up on meds in the hospital? Caging African-American Voters? Setting up ideological litmus tests for the DOJ?

There isn't one part of this that doesn't stink like a shit-bomb.

We have a LOT. of. WORK. to. DO.

Now really isn't the time to fold and leave all our chips on the table.

Henry Waxman is going after Lorita Doan with a torch and a pitchfork.

Wolfowitz is out on his ass, and making excuses.

The right-wing is having conniptions fits over whether September will or won't be the next turning point in the Iraq war.

Yet another Rove Lackey has bit the dust.

Olbermann is driving Drudge bat-shit crazy.

We should be doing the high-five time 1000, yet we have all this pissing and moaning from the guys on our team!.


But, this just might be the greatest thing about our side of the fence. We keep each other honest. We don't do the crony shuffle. We don't do the lock-step. It can be tough to be in our camp, it can be brutal. We've long ago run off Bev Harris. Barack says that places like Dkos are "pretty much what he'd expect."

Sure, whatever dude.

This is what seperates us from the other side; they get their talking points from punditocracy and regurgitate them without ever digesting them - but we really are having a duel of ideas and ideals on sites such as this. We don't accept orders from on high. Kos and Skinner are not my Kommandants.

They aren't the boss of me.

We're all just trying to figure this ongoing American experiment out, one person at a time, one argument at a time. It's a knife fight, not a mud-wrestling match. It can be painful. It can hurt. We can shed blood. We can leave a scar - but that's the way it has to be.

Just as the founding fathers used the printing press and publications such as "Common Sense" to spread their ideas of democracy, to further the enlightenment of the new world as they crafted the struts and applied the mortar to our democracy, so must we - the citizen media - use the new publishing technologies of the Netroots to continue to carve and shape that democracy into a more perfect union.

Democracy is real hard work, but worth it.

So I salute, yet mourn our fallen soldier Cindy. Hopefully as we pick up the flag and carry it forward we'll try not to let some of the various slings and arrows of criticism and ridicule coming our way at light-speed - even from our allys - sting too deeply, or dim the fire that drives us forward to save this nation from itself.

God, Jehova, Muhammad, Shiva, Chrishna and Buddha bless America.


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Anonymous said...

"Conservatives and liberals approach almost every issue with completely different philosophies, underlying assumptions, and methods. That's why it's so hard to find genuine compromise between conservatism and liberalism---because not only are liberals almost always wrong, their solutions almost always make things worse." ---John Hawkins