Friday, May 4

Sheehan Calls Out O'Reilly

He's been lying about her for years now, and so far she's taken it in stride - but now finally the gloves are off and Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan is taking Bill O'Reilly on directly.

I have had enough of Bill O’Reilly’s obsession with me and his unfair and unbalanced program. I almost wrote a piece called, "Oh Really, O’Reilly, " when the Bush Mob mouthpiece was on the David Letterman show and when Letterman stuck up for me, Bill said: "No one goes on my show and calls terrorists ‘freedom fighters." He is one slimy operator because I am sure what he said was one goes on his show and calls terrorists "freedom fighters," but the statement is so misleading because it leads one to believe that I have ever been on his show and have called terrorists "freedom fighters."

The only time I have watched O’Reilly’s show was recently when my dear friend Col. Ann Wright, US Army, Ret. was on the program. She was ostensibly on to comment about the Geneva Conventions regarding prisoners of war during the time when Iran was holding some British Marines as prisoners. O’Reilly turned it into brouhaha about Ann being an " America hater." When Ann saliently pointed out the fact that she had served her country in the U.S. Army for 29 years and asked O’Reilly how many years he served, he had her mike cut.

After that episode, I went back to working on my computer and a few minutes later O’Reilly was talking about me and how I had the "big money" of George Soros behind me and that’s why he had to do his best to "expose" me every chance he gets. At that point, I looked up at my assistant who was sitting next to me and told her to get George Soros on the horn and tell him that his "big money" was about three years late and we really could use the funds.

But Cindy wasn't content just to list a series of grievances - she put forth a demand to take action.

There was a successful campaign led against BushCo and war critic, Don Imus, waged through his advertisers. He was taken off the air and I say it’s about time that grass roots progressives pull the plug on Fox News beginning with the hate-filled rhetoric of Bill O’Reilly.

It is not because of his public libel of me, I have often found his weird attraction to me a little humorous and very sad, but because of G.I. Joe (a letter writer who spouted O'Reilly's rhetoric to Sheehan), I am calling for a boycott of every sponsor of Bill O’Reilly’s show. When his empty spin zone is shut down, hopefully the rest of the purveyors of Bush propaganda will get the message.

We voters, activists, and grass roots peace and justice workers, are in the considerable majority and we are also consumers. It’s about time we used the power of OUR purse strings to hold the "vast wasteland" of Fox News accountable. Then maybe, just maybe, we can get information from our mainstream news sources and not right-wing infotainment. This is something fairly easy to do, and besides a letter to Fox News telling them why you are not supporting O’Reilly and his sponsors, we can focus on what’s important: ending the occupation of Iraq and holding Fox’s best-friends, the Bush Administration, accountable.

Bill O’Reilly: get off your high horse and get off of our TV screens!


A List and Contact links for O'Reilly's Sponsors can be found here.

My only comment here is that I for one like to have my wingnuts out in the open where we can keep an eye on them. I don't care if O'Reilly is on the air or not - without him Media Matters would be alot less fun - but I do think that there's nothing is wrong with letting Fox Advertisers know where you stand as viewers for their continually enabling the Fraud that this is a "News" channel.

If they want to call themselves "Fox Opinion Channel" and/or "GOP-TV" that's fine with me.

I would like to also ask for people outraged by the lies this station presents on a regular basis to contact their congressman and demand that the Fairness Doctrine be reinstated, that since the FCC is already regulating "Profane Speech" they might as well do the same with Hate Speech from the likes of Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Neal Boortz, Dennis Prager.

It wouldn't shut them down or take any of them off the air - it would just make them and their advertisers have to pay through the nose the next time Ann wants to make "Faggot Jokes" or call 9-11 widows "Harpies". Why stop with just O'Reilly?


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