Monday, January 22

Sen. Warner Set to Introduce Anti-Escalation Resolution

And just in time for the Escalator-in-Chief's latest -open lying session- State of the Union Address. From Thinkprogress.

Sen. John Warner (R-VA) will introduce a resolution today “making clear that he does not support the President on increasing the troop levels in Iraq” and calling escalation “a mistake,” CNN’s Dana Bash reports. Warner’s resolution will be cosponsored by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Nelson (D-NE).

Warner, the former Armed Services Committee chairman, is a “very influential voice when it comes to military matters,” Bash reports, and until this fall had been “whole-heartedly behind the president and the war.” His new resolution “ not going to sit well with the White House.”

Warner said last week that Congress must move swiftly to address President Bush’s new strategy. “Each of us are pained by the casualties that we are taking. We cannot dither around on it.” Warner’s bill is viewed as a less confrontational alternative to the Iraq resolution backed by Sens. Joe Biden (D-DE), Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Carl Levin (D-MI).

So isn't it about time to ask what the Republican Solution to Iraq is?

Oh and just for the record - the Iraqi Prime Minister doesn't want The Surge either.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had a surprise for President Bush when they sat down with their aides in the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman, Jordan. Firing up a PowerPoint presentation, Maliki and his national security adviser proposed that U.S. troops withdraw to the outskirts of Baghdad and let Iraqis take over security in the strife-torn capital. Maliki said he did not want any more U.S. troops at all, just more authority.

The president listened intently to the unexpected proposal at their Nov. 30 meeting, according to accounts from several administration officials. Bush seemed impressed that Maliki had taken the initiative, but it did not take him long to reject the idea.

Attaboy Bushie - that'll teach those uppity Iraqis what for. Thinking they can handle their own security - phhhffffTTt!

But his ignoring the request of Maliki - whose like y'know, only the current head of state for Iraq - isn't all that surprising. Bush didn't need no stinking NIE either to make his decision to escalate and prolong the War until well into primary season. We wouldn't want any facts to cloud his decidering or nothin'.

And on the extreme Right - leaning even more over the rails of delusion than Bush - we have Senator McCain who is still opting for the Super Surge plan.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, McCain said, “I would have liked to have seen more” troops sent to Iraq. He added, “If it had been up to me,” more U.S. troops would be on their way into Baghdad.

Thank God, Allah and Buddah that it's not up to him.

Oh please - let it never be up to him.

Unfortunately it is still up to Bush, but with prominent and powerful Republicans like Warner beginning to jump off this runaway train - we just might see and end to this War before Bushie slips out the back door of his Presidency yet.


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