Tuesday, October 31

Republicans Don't Support the Troops

As the election draws newer various Neo-Con Operatives from Second Lady Lynn Cheney to Rep Duncan Hunter and Bill O'Reilly have challenged Administration critics of the Iraq War - "Do you want us to win?"

Typically Stupified by the Ridiculousness of the Question most targets have stammered through their answer. Wolf Blitzer had to wait until the follow day to recompose his thoughts and eventually whine they Cheney dared to "Snip at his Patriotism"

All of them failed to give the proper response - "Considering the Policies you expouse, ignoring valid intelligence, ignoring safe troop levels, ignoring the insurgency for a year and your failure to support our troops with proper equipment and healthcare - Do YOU Want us to win Iraq or simply let this conflict grind on forever with our troops in harms way?"

According to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Themselves - Republicans Do Not Support Our Troops.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America, a PAC formed of current and former memers of our Military in during our ongoing conflicts have produced a scorecard of how well House and Senate members have done at Voting for the Troops Best Interest (Specifically highlighting issues such as National Defense Authorization, the DOD Appropriations Bill, Support for TRICARE (Heathcare) For Reservists, Helmet Injury Studies and Opposition to the Military Commissions Act)

How well did the leaders in the House and Senate do on their Scorecard? See for yourself.



In the Senate the Contrast is similarly stark:



At the 2004 Republican National Convention Ex-Democrat Zell Miller claimed that John Kerry would want to "Lob spit balls" at our enemies. His claims were echoed on that stage by Rudolph Guiliani.

At the time, we believed we would be attacked many more times that day and in the days that followed. Spontaneously, I grabbed the arm of then Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and said to Bernie, "Thank God George Bush is our President." I've been saying that every day since.

We needed George Bush then; we need him now; and we need him for four more years!

President Bush is making certain that we are combating terrorism at the source, beyond our shores, so we can reduce the risk of having to confront it in our streets at home.

John Kerry's record of inconsistent positions on combating terrorism gives us no confidence he'll pursue such a determined course.

How do the actual Vets Rate John Kerry? They gave him a B.

What about other prominent Democrats like that aging grey lefty Ted Kennedy? He got a B+.

John "Cut And Run" Murtha? - B.

How's that compared that the various GOP Stalwarts in the Senate?

    John ("We can torture if we want to") McCain - D
    John Warner - D+
    Lindsey Graham - D-

Call me silly, but I think I'm starting to notice a trend. But to prove that theory we would need to see a general trend among more members of the House and Senate yes? Perhaps if we look at some of tighter races as identified by CQPolitics.

In the House:

    Democratic Seats - Currently Leaning Democratic (8 Total).

      Ga. 8 -- Marshall - B+
      Ga. 12 -- Barrow - B-
      Iowa 3 -- Boswell - B+
      Ill. 8 -- Bean - B+
      La. 3 -- Melancon - B+
      Vt. AL -- Sanders* - B

      Upgraded to "Leans" to "Democrat Favored" compared to last week)

      Colo. 3 -- Salazar- B+
      Ill. 17 -- Evans* - A

    Zero Democratic seats show "No clear winner". Zero are "Leaning Republican". All others are either Leaning Democratic or Safe Democratic.

    Republican seat where a Democrat is currently favored:

      Ariz. 8 -- Kolbe* - C

    Republican seats that Lean Democratic (5 Total)

      Ind. 8 -- Hostettler - C+
      N.Y. 26 -- Reynolds - C
      Pa. 7 -- Weldon - B-

      Colo. 7 -- Beauprez* - C (Was "No Clear Favorite" Last week)

    Two other seats (Texas 22 and Fla. 16) are current vacant and Leaning Democratic.

    Republican seats No Clear Favorite (19 Total).

      Conn. 4 -- Shays - B
      Fla. 22 -- Shaw - C+
      Ill. 6 -- Hyde* - C+
      Iowa 1 -- Nussle* - C
      Ind. 2 -- Chocola - C-
      Ind. 9 -- Sodrel - D
      Minn. 6 -- Kennedy* - C+
      N.C. 11 -- Taylor - C
      N.M. 1 -- Wilson - B-
      N.Y. 20 -- Sweeney - C+
      N.Y. 24 -- Boehlert* - C+
      Ohio 15 -- Pryce - C+
      Ohio 18 -- Ney* - C+
      Pa. 6 -- Gerlach - B-
      Pa. 8 -- Fitzpatrick - C-
      Pa. 10 -- Sherwood - C
      Wash. 8 -- Reichert - D+
      Wis. 8 -- Green* - C+

In the Senate:

    Democratic seats merely leaning Democratic.

      Md. -- Sarbanes* - B+
      Neb. -- Nelson - B-
      Wash. -- Cantwell - A-

    Democratic Seats with "No Clear Favorite"

      NJ- Menendez - B.

    No Democratic held Seat currently Leans Republican, all the rest are "Democrat Favored" or "Safe".

    Republican Senate Seats Leaning Democratic.

      Mont. -- Burns - D+
      Ohio -- DeWine - D+
      Pa. -- Santorum- D-
      R.I. -- Chafee - C

    Republican Senate Seats with No Clear Favorite

      Mo. -- Talent -D+
      Tenn. -- Frist* - D

    Republican Senate Seats Leaning Republican.

      Va. -- Allen - D+

It seems to me the choice is clear. With the exception of Republicans such as Chris Shays, Kurt Weldon and a handful of others - and contrary to their constant claims of Uber-Patriotism - If you wish to Truly Support The Troops, then the clear choice, according to the Our Boys Themselves is to vote and support Democratic Candidates.

It's a "No Brainer".


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