Friday, September 29

Hitting Bottom on Neo-Con Bullshit

It's taken a long time, a very long time -- but we've finally arrived. I knew we'd get here, somewhere in the back of my mind. I knew it would come to this. I thought maybe that Katrina would do it. Things couldn't possibly get much worse or more obvious than that complete and total debacle.

Apparently it could.

It seemed as though the Libby and Abramoff Scandals would do it, causing members of the White House Staff and various Congressmen to resign in disgrace, indictment and imminent jail.

Apparently not.

I thought we'd hit the wall with Abu Ghraib, and then Alito. The Domestic Spying. Paying reporters to shill for the administartion, faked News Reports and the Downing Street Memos.


It's going to take more -- is the new torture bill it? The truly scary part is, that it's probably not enough either even though there really isn't much more "worse" it can get!

I've said before that those we oppose are not simply ideologically foes. They are fanatics, with a pathological addiction to bullshit. The Mushroom people, who happily live in the dark while be constantly feed crap by right-winger radio, TBN, Fox News and increasingly CNN and ABC.

We can fight back - and you can bet you sweet ass we will - but this Country is suffering from a disease. One that we can't fix, only those with the disease can heal themselves after they finally Hit Rock Bottom!

For those suffering from the disease of alcoholism Republicanism it seems to be an almost universal truth that before things can get better, they have to get worse -- sometimes a lot worse.

They call it "hitting bottom" -- the place an alcoholic Neo-Conservative Asshole must reach before he finally is ready to admit that he has a problem and reaches out for help.

After all, for the true alcoholic Proto-Fascist Scumbag, it doesn't seem to him (or her) that he has a problem. He's just having a good time. If everybody would just get off his back, everything would be okay. He's got a disease, but it sure doesn't seem like one and the last thing that would ever occur to him is that he needs help.

Because alcoholism Totalitarianism is a progressive disease, there comes a point at which even the most dedicated drunk fuck-head decides that there just might be a problem.

Alcoholism Crazed Wing-batism does not stay in one place. It doesn't hit a certain stage and then level off. It keeps deepening, affecting him physcially, mentally, morally and spiritually. On all of those levels he keeps getting worse until finally he hits bottom.

We've all seen the signs. We recognize the symptoms. Our fellow Americans have a deep, serious problem. Let's not kid ourselves, it's not just a phase -- it's not just an over-reaction to 9/11.

This is a sickness!

Although the flushing of America's values probably isn't hitting bottom for those who suffer the most. Although our fellow Americans have not yet reached their preverbial "moment of clarity" and had an epiphany. They're getting closer each and everyday.

This is not the time for us to despair. London Yank is In for the Long Haul. Susan G is ready to kick some ass.

I know for myself, it's a moment I've been waiting for, while simultaneously dreading. One where we can point and say This is what your bullshit has wrought.

It's absolutely neccesary, essential, that we reach this point - and probably go further.

This is a moment that will shame America for generations to come. We won't be able to talk them down, they are hell-belt on having things their way - regardless of the consequences. They need to be forced to see just how full of it they truly are.

And we have to realize that each individual has their own personal moment of clarity. Not everyone will "hit bottom" at the same time, or in the same way. Some people have already arrived as a result of Katrina, Abramoff, Downing Street and Iraq. This is how we got Cindy Sheehan and how Francis Fukuyama the architect of the neo-conservative movement jumped the shark.

But we can't just sit wait for the rest to come around.

We have to energize ourselves, mobilize the Reality-Based Community and all former fascists Republicans we can find to rise up, stop being apathetic, look past there next car payment and dental check up, realize that they can make a difference - they must - and help stop Americas slow slide into a totalitarian state.

It's going to take a long, long time to win our country back. It's going to take generations. I've got my pitchfork and torch ready and waiting. This battle isn't over, not by a long shot.

For at least here, in America, we do have that ability, we do have that power - to fight back. This country is ours, not Bush's, nor those other 400 plus feckless cowards in Washington's. Ours.

God Bless America and the fuckheads too.


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