Tuesday, September 20

It's the Incompetence, Stupid

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As we look back over the last 5 dark years of Bush II, and particularly over the aftermath of Hurricane Fema in New Orleans, Alabama and Mississippi - it may finally have become glaringly obvious to more and more of the nation what Democrats and Progressives have been saying all along.

The problem with Bushco isn't the lies, it's not the cronyism, it's not the jingoism or the over-the-top militarism - it's the Incompetence, stupid.

From day one, Bush was on the wrong page.

  • He and Condoleeza Rice ignored Richard Clarke's warnings of impending problems with terrorism and al Qaeda.

  • They failed to respond to the California Energy Crisis, or to rein in the frenzy of corporate greed that gripped Enron, Tyco, Aldephia and others.

  • They shoved Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill out the door when he questioned their lust for tax cuts despite what it would do to the defecit.

  • They ignored the FBI Agent who reported that there are some Arab men here in Arizona who are learning to fly, but not how to land.

  • They ignored 52 warnings of potential highjacking with intent to crash from the F.A.A.

  • They ignored the August 6th PDB on Bin Ladin.

  • After 9/11 - they failed to sufficiently cut al Qaeda off from escape and let bin Ladin out of Tora Bora.

  • They failed to listen to the skeptics who questioned whether Saddam Hussein was really as dangerous as they thought, then intimidated (Kwaitkowski) or otherwise attempted to discredited their commentary (Plame/Wilson).

  • They failed to listen to Gen. Shinshekii when he said they needed more troops in Iraq.

  • After declaring "Mission Accomplished" : They failed to pay attention to the security problem created by dismantling the Iraqi Army, and how that lack of security would effect their efforts to begin restoring the water and power to the people of Iraq to also fail. (Just like in New Orleans)

  • They failed to realize that when you torture, rape and murder innocent Iraqi citizens in order to extort them to become "confidential informants" against the insurgency in places like Abu Ghraib and Gitmo - you just might fuel, rather than quell that insurgency.

    So is it little wonder, that when a massive Category 4 Hurricane strikes sacred American soil and creates a brand new Atlantis -- that they fail to do what pure common sense indicates they need to do?

    Many American's where shocked that their fellow Americans could be reduced to the state of existence that you would only expect to see in the third-world. The same state of existence that the prosperous and industrially developed country of Iraq was reduced to in the aftermath of "Shock and Awe".

    I for one, was not surprised by what I saw in New Orleans -- haven't we been seeing this all along?

    It's not the fact that those people were poor, or that they're black, or that they voted primarily democratic --

    ...it's the Incompetence.



    Anonymous said...

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