Friday, July 1

Inquiry of Delay finally moving forward

Posted by Kos:

DeLay inquiry will be moving forward in a couple of months.

Leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives ethics committee on Thursday cleared the way for a long-anticipated investigation of Majority Leader Tom DeLay by resolving a partisan staffing dispute [...]

The new accord will clear the way for the hiring of a nonpartisan staff, including investigators and a chief counsel, which could take a couple of months [...]

Under the deal, the committee's "nonpartisan staff" will be headed by a chief counsel-staff director accountable to the chairman and ranking Democrat.

Two "shared staff members" will have no managerial authority over the "nonpartisan staff," it added.

Hastings and Mollohan each appoint their own shared staff members, so named because they serve on the committee as well as in the lawmakers' congressional offices.

It may soon be time for DeLay to cash in his special card.

The best possible result we can expect from this investigation is that it exposes the total stink of curruption that has not only infected Delay, but also the entire Republican Caucus. If DeLay has knowingly accepted illegal campaign contributions from Foreign Governments and Lobbyists, how much of that money has been funnelled through ARMPAC? Currently all but five house Republicans have either accepted contributions from ARMPAC or given money to DeLay's criminal defense fund, or both.

If DeLay goes down, they ALL should go down with him. At which point we should give a great big "HELLO" to Speaker Pelosi.


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