Friday, July 8

DU: Blog Box on Rove

From the Blog Box on Democratic Underground:

Common Sense

I sat beside Ambassador Joseph Wilson at the "Forum On Alternatives To American Foreign And Domestic Policy Since September 11" conference in DC in July, 2003, mere days before his New York Times piece, "What I Didn't Find In Africa," (debunking BushCo's bogus yellow cake claims) was published.

This man is not a crackpot. Nor is he a raving partisan Democrat. Common sense should tell you that Ambassador Wilson is a brilliant, thoughtful diplomat, whose only political concern is, and has always been, to establish and maintain healthy relationships between the United States of America and its global sister nations.

Which is why Karl Rove had to destroy him, of course.

"Karl Rove," the search term, began at #8 and rose rapidly to its present number #2 position at this week. (Number #1 was some UK Vanna White game show chick, who's dealing with the sudden death of the show's host.) Thousands of bloggers are ripping KKKarl a new one, but Jane at firedoglake does it best:

As someone who is still choking on the bile that came up over a bunch of sanctimonious old hacks hijacking the constitution and sitting in judgment of Bill Clinton, I would personally like to invite every one of them to dine on a delightful repast of their own words.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, you better eat fast, you bastards. This one's heating up.

P.S. Oh, NYT, WaPo? You got scooped by the fucking McLaughlin Group. You should all be disemboweling yourselves in shame.

Thanks, Jane! I needed that! For leak updates, Miller-in-handcuffs news, and other play-by-play BushCo treason action, check out the mega-blogs Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo and some blogs you should get to know, including Yatpundit, The Common Ills, Blue Meme, and the au (so) courant Best Of The Blogs. For the 411 on FOX News' strange silence on Rove, consult MoxieGrrrl.

After Judith (Chalabi-loving) Miller smiled for the camera on her way to jail for contempt of court, Ambassador Wilson posted his reaction at TPM Cafe.

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