Wednesday, April 20

A Message to Michael

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> Friends,
> How's it going? Ready for the next step?
> Let me know what you've been up to and any ideas you
> have about what our next move should be (write me at
> the addresses below).
> Meanwhile, I'll be in conclave this week handing out
> goodie bags and running for pope. Wish me well!
> Yours,
> Michael Moore


I'm glad you asked. What we need to do first and foremost is stop acting like victims and act like SURVIVORS. A victim lies down in the dirt and waits to die, a survivor gets to his/her feet and prepares for the next fight.

And that fight is - Congress. Howard Dean is beginning to build a permanent grass roots infrastructure for the Democratic Party. It's about time. He needs all available support from persons such as yourself and to bring together and re-focus all the energy we had during the 2000 and 2004 elections.

Next stop, 2006. Tom DeLay is reeling on the ropes and the Dems have yet to take a serious swing at him. With the Ethics committee effectively shutdown, he's going to stay there dangling for the foreseeable future. The prospects are strong that he'll lose his seat next time, his support in his district is falling and he barely hung on last time. Democrats around the country need to run not just against their direct opponent, but against DeLay, TRMPAC, Jack Abramoff and any in the Republican Majority who accepted money from Delay (which is all but five members of the House Republcian Caucus). They've clearly been running AMOK. Take 'em ALL down.

Then, once we have Congress and the right honarable REP. JOHN CONYERS ( becomes the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, we'll be able to really bring this administration to task. We'll be able to have a real investigation of Ohio, of Donald Rumsfeld and his actions to undermine not just the Geneva conventions, but Federal Laws against Torture. We'll be able to make Bush Pay... possibly even impeach him for lying to the American Public time and time again.

They've been the party of lies, we need to be the party of truth. They've been the party of hubris, we need to the party of humility. They've been the party of bad faith, we need to the party of good faith and responsibility. They claim to be the party of tax cuts [while simply deferring those taxes onto our children with interest by running up defecits] we need to be the party of balanced budgets and a strong economy using targeted tax credits for those who are inventive, innovative and progressive in their approaches to business and the environment. We have to stop running away from the reasonable center and re-stake that territory. We hold the left, but we also need to reach out to those reasonable republicans like Sen. Voinovich, Sen Chuck Hagel and Rep. Chris Shays who put principle ahead of party - and build a new majority coalition across both party lines.

But first, we have to get the heck up off the floor.


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