Sunday, April 10

Guckert at National Press Club

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I watched this live on C-Span, and it was hilarious. Guckert's claim that Armstrong Williams should have been paid because there was nothing but negative "spin" coming out about the program was a coffee-spewer. This was a claim he used to support idea that he himself was justified in publishing the Administration and RNC press releases unvarnished. Fortunately the panel came back and pointed out that the President and RNC already have a Press Secratary, and anyone can already read there releases from their own website without someone like Guckert reprinting them in whole cloth. The issue of Adminstration agencies putting out their own releases to the satellites to be picked up and re-released as actual news reports by local stations was not addressed.

Lastly - during the Press Club Panel, Gannon/Guckert claimed to have "never been a political operative, or to have worked for a government or political official", yet CBSNews seems to have information that he may have been coordinating activities with campaign of Senator Thune in order to unseat Tom Daschle.

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