Monday, March 28

Meanwhile in the (Real) News...

During the last week the news outside of 24 Hour Schiavo-vision has been quite interesting:

  • The Second Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq was greated by protests all over the nation. Following the apparent "success" of the Iraqi elections, many people are beginning to feel that it's high time that Iraq begin to take care of itself as support for the Iraq War has now dropped below the levels of the Vietnam War during the height of anti-war protests in the late 60's. This week thousands of people marched and displayed their opposition to the Iraq war and support for a withdrawl of Coalition Troops as soon as possible. Demonstrations took place in Los Angeles, New York, Fayettville, as well as in front of many U.S. Embassies around the world.

  • Creditors have been using illegal means to collect debts from Active Duty Soldiers, repossesing and foreclusing on their homes while they are doing their duty and serving their country.

  • As a result of provisions in the "Leave No Child Behind" act, U.S. Military recruiters now have extrodinary access to our schools. They can walk the halls, into classrooms and be provided personal information about students by the school for cold-calling at home. Reports are that recruits as young a 17 years-old are being paid $5000 up front for joining the National Guard and signing up to be sent to the front lines. Due to recent failure to hit recruitment goals the Military has promised to "pull out all stops".

  • Following the killing of an Italian Secret Service Agent, by American Soldiers in the midst of a rescue mission for a kidnapped journalist - Italy has decided to withdraw it troops and support for the occupation of Iraq starting as soon as this September. The Coalition of the No-Longer-Willing continues to grow.

  • Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell finally testified under oath to his take on the events of the November election vigourously defending his roll to a set a very skeptical legislators.

  • W's claims to care deeply about "LIFE", but to date has said nothing in response to the shooting death of Nine people in Red Lake Minnesota. He's said nothing about responsible gun ownership, teens with weapons or the questionable practice of proscribing Prozac to suicidal youngsters.

  • This just in: Baseball players take Steriods and Barry Bonds is a great big crybaby - who didn't know?

  • Air America Radio, the upstart Liberal Talk Radio network celebrated it's first Anniversary this week, expanding it's reach to 51 stations nationwide.

  • Everyone may have forgotten but Michael Jackson is still on trial, however Robert Blake is not, having been aquited for the murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Blakely. Where is the OJ-like outrage?

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