Saturday, February 5


There are so many issues. So many ethical challenges that continue to dog this Presidency that at a certain point you have only one or another conclusion to reach. I have tried to document them, to record them, but there are so many it's almost overwhelming. It can't all be true - can it?

Either those who chase the President and continue to accuse him and the Republican Party are simply filled with anger and hate or, at least on some of these matters, they are correct and in order to protect the Party above all, particularly the integrity of the nation, Republicans have taken a position which is in fact, Indefensable.

I can just hear 'em now:

o Despite the thousands of voters who complained of problems in Ohio, the issue whether or not everyone's vote is actually counted or not, simply doesn't matter. We won. You lost. Fair and Square just like the Supreme Court said in 2000, so shut up and deal with it.

o Problems with excessive levels of Mercury? Oh, no. It couldn't have anything to do with EPA policy despite the mounting evidence regarding coal plants, and making many of the rules governing energy corportions voluantary, not to mention the resignation of Christine Todd Whitman as director. She just wanted to be housewife anyway.

o We have a Social Security crisis because it's going to start losing money in 2042, or maybe 2056, or maybe 2075 - but we don't have a problem with Medicare or Medicaid which are starting to see benefit cuts this year. Nope, not a problem.

o Torture? What torture? Oh, that was just few boys (and girls) getting rowdy - just frat hazing on the nightshift - and so what if they decided to play rough with those dirty terrorist bastards anyway? Who do you think deserves it more?

o DUI? Who cares about it or lying about it on a Juror Questionaire and to a judge to get out of Jury duty? Nah. Never happened.

o Thank God GeeDub is going to do something about Hollywood poluting the minds of our youth with "The L Word". "Will and Grace" is funny and all, but we don't need those damn fags messing up OUR right to be married.

o Finally it's been proven that CBS and Dan Rather have no integrity or honor. They had the audacity to tell a true story using a (possibly) false memo. Speaking of false memos, somebody should tell Condi to remember to shred the Yellow cake docs and August 6th PDB. We don't need that stuff getting out after the way we punked Joe Wilson by tossing his wife Valerie out of the clandestine service.

o WMD? We don't need no stinking WMD! Osama bin Hussein Sustani is bad man, and America will never stop chasing him. Wherever and whoever he is.

o Michael Moore is a big, fat (multi-Golden Globe and Oscar winning) idiot!

o Deserter? No, GeeDub served his country well protecting the Texas skies from the Vietcong. Haven't you seen the paystubs yet?

o One secret election in Iraq (following a rigged(?) election in Ohio and Florida) can almost make 4 years of lies, double-crosses, a weak economy, a net job loss and record deficits disappear. Almost.

"It's not like we haven't seen this kind of partisan screed and hysteria before. Farenheit 9/11 - is simply the updated Clinton Chronicles. (Where it was alleged that Arkansian rapist/letch of a Governor, Bill Clinton and his crazy hyper-liberal frump of a wife Hillary were in fact international drug smugglers and murderers) Don't you know they killed Vince Foster in order to cover it all up and hide Hillary's using her law firm to launder the profits they made on Whitewater (just like Harken Energy), used confidential FBI files to gain inside knowledge on their political enemies (Valerie Plame), and unfairly sacked the Whitehouse Travel Office (see Original Whitewater Special Prosecutor Robert Fisk) as they began their Witch-hunt on those poor innocent people (Susan McDougal)

Speaking of Witchhunts, it's a good thing the Right Honorable Judge Starr and Matt Drudge were on the case to prove it all trueand make sure that Clinton scoundrel could be finally brought to justice. That damn commie/socialist bastard deserved every bit of it. Served him right for balancing the budget, creating the greatest economic boom in100 years, preventing the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel and LAX from being bombed, and ending the Balkan war.

God Bless G.W. Bush for bringing character and dignity back to the Whitehouse."

The problem with all the above is this, just as many Democrats gradually turned a blind-eye to all the many accusations against Clinton as simply Right-wing blather -- eventually they did find Monica Lewinsky.

At some point in time, probably during GeeDub's second term -- one of these scandals is not going to go away. One of them is going to stick, and stick tight. I think Republicans know this - I think they're deathly afraid of it. The shadows of both Watergate and Iran-Control loom large in the memory. That is why they've constructed such an elaborate media wagon-train to circle.

They feel that "Those dummies at CBS thought they had the smoking gun, they thought they had the Prez cold, and the Reeps were sweatin' for about 40 mins until the blogosphere set things right. It was close one , but not close enough."

Still people forget that during the original Watergate investigation the same thing happened. It was all debunked. It was all proven wrong. Tricky Dicky had gotten away with it.

And then suddenly - he didn't.

The same thing happened during Iran-Contra. Reagan was protected and cleared of any wrong-doing due to plausible deniability. That is until he apologized on national tv, and admited he'd known about the weapons for hostages trade all along.

In his case Clinton was brought low by proclaiming "I did not have sexual relations with that young woman, Miss Lewinsky". It was a secret he shared with no one, not even his own attorneys based on a legalistic "parsing" of his view that Monica had relations with him, but he didn't have them with her. Meanwhile GeeDub, Condy and Albert Gonzales have all engaged in a ironically similar legalistic parsing, basically parotting Clinton's "is is" weasle by proclaiming almost in unison that "[America] did not have torture relations with those young muslims, the enemy combatants on foreign soil...", although we continue to reserve the right to use "cruel, unusual and inhuman treament [of them]" based on the "President Executive Powers", which apparently not only circumvent the Geneva Convention, but also the U.S Law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Months ago I (on this blog) I spoke of "Revenge" in the wake of the November election and I can think of no revenge sweeter than the truth. Eventually the truth will be too obvious to ignore and I think history, eventually, will repeat itself once again - and this time it won't end with a neat, pretty, impeachment. We're talking indictments and jail time boys and girls. Just be patient. GeeDubs time will come. I have no doubt. There are too many footprints and fingerprints to cover up. Christine Todd Whitman has already come forward blowing the whistle in our own slightly polite manner, eventually others such Lt. Col Karen Kwiatkowski will follow - some in the administration and some elsewhere. One thread will lead to another and another, unraveling the tapestry of lies and delusion...

...and it will be Glorious.

Either that all half the nation will be in desperate need of a red-hot thorazine injection by 2008.


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