Friday, January 21

What cost Freedom?

So, we have a new President. Same as the Old President.

And according to his inaguaral speach, he and American, stands for Freedom.

Freedom from oppression.

Freedom from Tyranny.

Freedom from Fear.

Freedom from Want.

But at what cost will we aquire this Freedom and most importantly...

who will grant us Freedom from that?

I thought his speach was well said, very strongly presented, inspiriing, thrilling -- and completely false.

So it seems that America did not invade Iraq because of Weapons of Mass Destruction. It was not because of ties between Saddam and Osama, or support for 9/11. Those muslim children we saw dancing in the streets at the news of the destruction of the World Trade Center, were in Palistine, not Iraq.

It seems we invaded to free them from tyranny and oppression.

Do tell?

I seem to remember the last time that a President went to war to save innocent people from oppression and slaughter. And I remember the response from the right-wing.

From the floor of the House of Representatives they threatened our President with charges of treason, as soon of the first American soldier lost their life in this effort to end the murder of innocent people.

That President was Bill Clinton and the right-winger who made the threat was Dana Rorbacher (R-CA) over the conflict in Bosnia. In Bosnia we formed a true coalition, which included as many troops from both Europe and Russia as it did from America. It was a conflict that ended nearly 10 years of violent ethnic cleansing, in a complex three-way religious entanglement and yet - not a single American Soldier lost his life.

Freedom and security was restored.

Just as it was restored in place of decades of violent terrorism in Northern Ireland during Clinton's Presidency.

America can be a force for bringing Freedom to the world. It has been.

But it also be a force that can bring horror and chaos.

Chaos like Fallujah. Chaos like Mosul. Choas like this so-called election in Iraq, where candidates are afraid to announce themselves or be assasinated.

Is this the Freedom that George W. Bush is promoting?

When there are election irregularities in Ukraine, the right-wing speaks up. When there are election irregularities in Washington State which appear to benefit a Democrat, the right-wing speaks up. When there are election irreguralities in Florida and Ohio which appear to benefit George W. Bush.

They grow silent. Even belligerent and dismissive.

Is this the Freedom he ment?

Right-wing evangelicals breathed a sigh of relief as Bush was sworn in.

Bush would protect life.

Especially the innocent life of the unborne. Yes, and the fact that Abortions have increased under the first term of George W. Bush as more and more Americans fall further into poverty, lose their heath-care and consequently the ability to properly provide and care for children.

Strangely: the idea of having more children die slowly from improper health care - or live in neglect with parents who are both forced to work to survive and provide - doesn't seem be the kind of life they want to protect.

Is this what he calls Freedom from want?

He's already nominated the National Security Advisor who failed to respond to the August 6th PDB that declared "Bin Ladin determined to strike in the United States", to become the head of American foreign Policy.

He's nominated the White House Counsel who argued that torture is not really torture - that the Geneva convention doesn't apply, and apparently neither does U.S. Law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice - to suspected terrorist, as America's new "Top Cop". (Note: Not convicted terrorist - suspected terrorists because to date the Bush Administration has completely failed to convict anyone in relation to 9/11. You can't convict someone in a U.S. Court or even a Military Tribunal using information that has been gained via torture. It's inadmissable).

They haven't proven that anyone currently in custody at Guantanemo or at Abu Ghraib have done anything wrong what so ever. It is extremely likely that many of these people are completely innocent, yet they will remain in custody in all likelyhood - indefinately.

Life in Prison - with occasional torture - for nothing?

Are these innocents in Guantanemo, Abu Ghraib and the many others who have been wrongfully accused and convicted in U.S. Prison, or on death-row worth saving?

Apparently not.

Is this the Freedom he was talking about?

I think it was.

I think this is exactly what he means, even if he doesn't realize it.

It seems now that charity and forgiveness are no longer Christian Values. The prime Christian Value of today seems to be fear (of terrorists), bigotry (to deny gays the right to exist) and hated (of liberals).

God Bless America and George W. Bush.

Welcome to four more years of Hell on Earth.


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