Tuesday, January 11


Centrist Links
Arianna Huffington Online
Thom Hartman : Radical Middle
Christine Todd Whitman:It's My Party Too
Fact Check.org
George W. Bush's Record
John Kerry's Record
MSNBC: Hardball w/Chris Matthews
Polling Report
Electoral Vote Predictor
Operation Truth
Huffington Blog
Charity Navigator
Citizens for Ethics in Government
Terri Schiavo Timeline
Ron Suskind
Rock the Vote
International Health Care Costs

U.S. Constitution
White House
U.S. Senate
U.S. Congress
...DCCC Weblog
...DNC Blog
U.S. State Dept
US Codes Title 18 :Crimes and Criminal Procedure
9/11 Commission
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Congressional Budget Office
US Congress:Committe on Government Reform

U.S. Supreme Court
Key Court Decisions
...Marbury V Madison (Seperation of Powers)
...Scott V Sanford (Dred Scott)
...Plessy V Ferguson (Segregation)
...Brown v Board of Education
...Regents V Bakke (AA)
...Mumia Abu-Jamal Commuted to Life
...Roe v Wade

Hard Left
Amnesty International
Southern Poverty Law Center
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Media Matters
Axis of Justice
Alliance for Democracy
Common Dreams
Inter-Faith Alliance
Move On.org
Center for American Progress
Common Cause
Air America
The Randi Rhodes Show
Stephanie Miller Show Blog
Joe Conason
Crimes Against Nature by Robert Kennedy Jr
Molly Ivins:Star Telegram & SacBee
Michael Moore.com
Free Press.org
Conyers Blog!!
Democratic Underground
Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly
Debunking PNAC
The Education of Shelby Knox
Rainforest Action Network

Crime and Punishment
FBI Uniform Crime Reports
Court TV: The Exonerated
The Innocence Project
The Law of War : Torture Memos Analysis

Conyers/Downing Street Iraq War Timeline
Path to War Timeline
War Casualities List
Kerry in Hindsight
How we Were Duped
Richard Clarke's Memo on al-Qaeda
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Niger Documents Forged by U.S?
Time: (Weapons Inspector) Scott Ritter in his own words
Global Security.org
Operation Truth
Colin Powell at the UN
Senate Report on Iraq Intelligence
Silberman-Robb Report on Iraq WMD's
PNAC Letter to Clinton
Al Jazeera.net
Gold Star Families for Peace

Election Issues
94 Reasons not to Vote for Bush
Congressional Report:What Happened in Ohio?
Election Fraud: 2004
Black Box Voting
Steal Your Election
Just A Fly On the Wall (Election Rigging)
David Corn:The Lies of George Bush
Florida 2000: What Happened?

Social Security
There is no Crisis
GOP Social Security Talking Points
Conyers: Alternatives on Social Security

Fire Dog Lake : TraitorGate
Patrick Fitzgerald DOJ Website
Libby Indictment Press Conference
21 Bush Admin Officials linked to Plame Leak
Iraq: Downing Street Memo Report
New Downing Street Memos
Tom Delay's House of Scandal
Jack (Abramoff) in the House
Rumsfeld Torture Suit
FBI Documents on Detainee Torture
Salon: More Gannongate
Armstrong Williams Payola
Maggie Gallagher Payola
Stop FAKE News
Mercury Rising
No Child Behind Left
Losing the Explosives in Iraq
Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson
52 Warnings before 9/11
Enron Scandal
GOP Caught on Tape
Top 10 Filibuster Falsehoods
Murder in Columbia by Coca Cola

Hard Right
Republican National Committee
Fox News
Washington Times
Wall Street Journal
Opinion Journal
Hannity and colmes
The O'Reilly Factor
Joe Scarborough
Rush Limbaugh.com
Robert Novak
Ann Coulter
Jeff Gannon
Maggie Gallagher
Armstrong Williams
Drudge Report

Flip Flopper.com
The Heritage Foundation
Cato Institute
Project for New American Century
Federalist Society
The Washington Note
Family Resource Council
Pat Roberston
Jerry Falwell
Sinclair Broadcast Group
National Review on Sex Ed
Debumking Anti-War Myths

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