Wednesday, November 3

Getting mad...

Getting angry and turning in our selves is not going to help.

We need to realize that in many way the Repubs have a 30-year ground game running to take control of the country. 7 months of Air America, MoveOn, Media Matters and Michael Moore is not going to change that any where near this easily.

We lost because the opposition lied and got away with it.

We lost because the opposition has a fanatical and commited base of not just christians, but right-wing evangelical zealots.

We lost because the opposition exploited fear. Fear of terror(ism). Fear of the gays. Fear of embryonic experimentation. Fear of the future. Fear of the French. Fear of the government and fear of the poor taking away the hard earneed money of multimillionaires.

In some ways, what has occured here may turn out to be a good thing for the long term health of democratic and liberal ideals, and a very bad thing for the conservative right-wing of the Republican party as the repeatedly begin to see the conceptual and factual bankrupcy of their ideas.

This is just a battle, and yes, we lost it.But the war - the War over maintaining Roe V Wade, the War over maintaining corporate ethics and accountability, the War to make sure that we have the best doctors at the best price instead of the best profits for the medical insurance and pharmacutical companies, the War to protect our seniors, our students and infirm, the War to reestablish our ties to our allies in NATO, to Europe, Asia and the Middle East - is far, very far from over.Be sad. But don't despair. Be angry, but don't walk away from the battle.

The Republican won because they took the long view in the wake of the crushing defeat of Barry Goldwater in the 60's.

Don't give up the fight, because *now* is when the true battle of ideas and ideals begins.

And we need every soldier we can get.


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