Monday, September 27

Give me one reason...

When will the Repubs finally reach their breaking point with Bush?

The CIA says - "We're looking at Civil War (In Iraq)." Bush says -"Everythings fine. They (the CIA) are just guessing" (Just guessingnow, or they've just been "guessing" all along?)

Two years ago the Bush Administration said that his tax cuts would generate 5.6 Million jobs. Today we're still over 3 million jobs short of that projection, but Bush says the "economy is doing just fine".

The Bush Admin claims that Kerry is weak on defense because he voted against one defense appropriations bill in 1990, yet fail to mention the other 16 appropriations bills that he voted FOR, and that then Secretary of Defense DICK CHENEY testified before Congress that year that we didn't need the Apache Helicopter and dozens of other weapons systems any more in the post-cold war world, not to mention that then President G.H.W. Bush proceeded to cut most of the funding for the B-2 Bomber and implemented the Base Closing Commission.

They claim that Kerry voted against supporting our troops in Iraq, when in reality he was voting against $20 Billion worth of no-bid contracts for companies like Halliburton, and the Bush Adminstration's failure to adequately supply the soldiers in Iraq. We have spent over $140 Billion in spending in Iraq so far, yet still there are frequent outages in power, water and sewage handling.

They've proposed bills to revolutionize our education system and "Leave no Child Behind", then failed to fully fund it.

Bush has promised that the world without Sadam Hussein is "safer" and maybe it is, except for beheadings of American and British journalists in Iraq, the train bombings in Madrid, School hostages and bombings by Chechen rebels in Russia, and French journalists kidnapped to allow Muslims in France to wear Burkas in School!

They've proposed to include prescription drugs for medicare - but hid the true costs from Congress until after the vote was over, like theives in the night.

At Abu Ghraib they've presided over one of the most gross failures of leadership and justice in our military, possibly since My Lai.

UN Headquarters in Baghdad is bombed - UN personally who are supposed to implement next years election in Iraq, pull out due to security concerns.

They've used confidential CIA operative information about Valerie Plame to punish her whistleblower husband for revealing that the claims of an Iraqi attempt to aquire nuclear material was incorrect and based on forged documents.

More countries are pulling out of Iraq by the day, and international confidence in America's ability to deliver on it's promises is waning. Iran is starting a Nuclear Program, and there's a very mysterious explosion with a slight mushroom shape in North Korea.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld just made the absolutely LOONY suggestion that since we don't have full control of all of Iraq -because of the insurgents in Najaf and Fallujah, we'll just have to have "Partial" elections - because an almost-election is better than no election at all, right? (So that is what happened in Florida in 2000, now I don't have to wonder anymore)

Purple Heart Band-aids!!!! (Way to show the Troops you really care!)

They claim to have caught or killed 2/3rds of the Al Qaeda leadership, then two days later claim that it's now 3/4ths of Al Qaeda (man, that's fast progress!) but fail to mention that all of those people have since been *REPLACED* by new recruits.

We've held hundreds of so-called "Enemy Combatants" at Guantanemo Bay for almost three years and so far managed to successfully convict - NONE of them! Zip. Zero. Every case has fallen completely to pieces.

Cat Stevens (ie. Yusuf Islam), author is "Peace Train", was just deported for being a "terrorist sympathizer", yet there is no evidence that he has ever been any such thing.

LA's Chief of Homeland Security was arrested the other day for carrying a loaded gun on a plane. Good job keeping us safe there dude, who'se keep you safe?

And they still haven't caught Osama Bin Ladin, meanwhile Bush says -"I don't think about it much..."

Guys, we don't know if we're coming or going here! There are signs that some of this is sinking in through the partisanship - Dick Lugar & John McCain have joined Joe Biden in speaking out - but that isn't enough.

I want to know when, at what point are the repubs going to recognize this mounting pile of lies and feces for what it is - and realize that you have to "change horses in mid-stream" (talk about Waging the Freakin' DOG!) when it's obvious that that horse is completely LAME!

How can anyone reasonable and rational continue to support this Presidency?

I know there's gotta be a reason, right? Something that isn't just another set of mimeographed talking points. Something calm. Something logical. Something, ANYTHING that makes sense?

All I need is one good reason.


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